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The exhibit film of “Creativity, Capitalism, and Conformity”, is inspired by the editorial of the same name written by Steph Russo; it discusses the significance of creativity, capitalism, and conformity in today’s world. Directed by event coordinator, Violet Yin, the film puts a spotlight on three Toronto-based artists who have documented their process of creativity, and how they express their perspectives on capitalism and conformity. 

Featured artists include Julia Rodriguez, designer and founder of House Twenty, a genderless and sustainable streetwear brand made from pre-existing and recycled materials. Mia Yaguchi-Chow, an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director of StyleCircle. And Susanna Ding, an illustrator and tattoo artist for Inkbox Tattoos.

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Julia Rodriguez

Julia Rodriguez is in her final year of Ryerson University’s Professional Communication program with a minor in Fashion Studies. She is excited to take on the role of Marketing Coordinator at StyleCircle and learn more about fashion marketing while staying connected with the overall Ryerson culture. Rodriguez is passionate about sustainable fashion, which led to the foundation of her personal apparel brand, House Twenty, focusing on genderless and environmentally-friendly fashion

Mia Yaguchi-Chow

In addition to being StyleCircle’s Art Director, Mia Yaguchi-Chow is a fourth year Fashion Communication student at Ryerson University, the Graphic Designer for the Fashion Studies journal, and a hobbyist/professional photographer and illustrator with 10+ years of practice. She enjoys pursuing all her work with an underlying theme of existential philosophy to express her perspectives and in hopes of prompting contemplation and dialogue. As a Japanese/Chinese Toronto-native, she also makes an effort to make her ethnicity known for representation’s sake, and to help educate those around her about her cultures.

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Susanna Ding

My name is Susanna Ding and I’m currently a fourth year Fashion Communications student. Currently while enrolled at Ryerson, I have started a small business on the side selling stationery and crafts and as well have started freelancing graphic design on the side. You can find my store on Etsy at stickersbysuzie.