Jewelle Mckenzie-Sampson (she/they), known as JEWELLE, is a Queer Toronto born singer songwriter.


She is currently hard at work with her first EP. JEWELLE hopes to mold the future of pop music and inspire change with her personal songs such as her debut single Not Ur Girlfriend. 


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Image of shn shn sitting in a candle-lit room surrounded by candles and pink tulips

Shn Shn

shn shn is a queer Black producer and singer-songwriter who creates pulsing and meditative tracks with midi and live instruments, samples and her voice. 

shn shn released her debut ambient pop EP “structura” October 2020 - A collection of songs with cinematic overtones, lush vocals, and atmospheric noise.

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Performing under the stage name EnriMart, Juan Enrique Martinez is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter and producer. He categorizes himself as an Alternative Pop artist. He is influenced by Rock, Latin music, Rnb and Electronica. Each of his songs provides a unique experience. 

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