We asked the StyleCircle team to come together to create a playlist for the launch event. Based on this year's Book theme, members of the team selected on tracks that evoke a specific personal memory, highlighting the range of experiences. You can find their testimonies below

Audrey Chen


Album cover of the Up soundtrack, composed by Michael Giacchino, from The Pixar film “UP”.  Album art depicts a traditional-style multicoloured house with hundreds of colourful balloons lifting the house up into bright blue sky Up_Soundtrack.jpg

Married Life, Michael Giacchino

Album cover for the Single titled Sukiyaki”, recorded by Japanese singer  Kyu Sakamoto, first released in Japan in 1961

Sukiyaki, Kyu Sakamoto

This song from the movie “Up” reminds me of being in Disneyland with my sister right before the lockdown started. It played throughout the Pixar area of the park and we hummed it all day long!

This song reminds me of my family, since it’s one of my mom’s favorite songs and we would play it in the car a lot when I was younger.

Taite Krueger


Soviet Kitsch is the third album by American singer/songwriter Regina Spektor, released in 2003

Us, Regina Spektor

This song reminds me of sitting on the front porch of my best friend’s house, in the middle of the night, watching a thunderstorm.

Jillian Pollock


Album cover of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, the third studio album by English indie rock band Florence and the Machine, released in 2015

Queen of Peace, Florence + The Machine

Michaela Owusu


Album cover of Aly and AJ's "Insomniatic"
Album cover of Michael Buble's "Crazy Love"

Potential Breakup Song, Aly & AJ

Haven't Met You Yet, Michael Bublé

This song reminds me of the time in the summer of 2019, where my best friends and I were dancing around on a hotel balcony in New York City at midnight to Florence + The Machine, after just seeing her perform.

Childhood dramatic pretend angry breakup song. . . shouting lyrics at no one in the mirror.

Happy place song! Anytime this song comes on an immediate smile enters my face, as it reminds me of road trips with my dad controlling the stereo and solely playing Michael Bublé or Jazz instrumentals.

Aisling Gogan 


Album cover of Tom Tom Club's self-titled album
Album cover of David Bowie's "Let's Dance (2018 Remastered)"

Genius of Love, Tom Tom Club

A funky, quirky tune.

Mia Yaguchi-Chow


Album cover of ABBA's "Arrival"
Album cover of All Time Low's "So Wrong, It's Right"

Dancing Queen, ABBA

My childhood karaoke song of choice at 4 years old

Modern Love, David Bowie

Six Feet Under The Stars, All Time Low


General childhood favourite that always makes me feel good

Erin Colquhoun


Album cover of "Eclipse" soundtrack
Album cover of Hozier’s debut studio album, titled “Hozier”, released in 2014

Danica Hooper


Album cover of Sleeping With Siren's "With Ears to See and Eyes to Listen"

Let Love Bleed Red, Sleeping With Sirens

My comfort song since probably the seventh or eighth grade. Sleeping With Sirens used to be one of my favourite bands and this is the calmest song on their album, With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear. The lyrics are so simple, but so beautiful.

Eclipse (All Yours), Metric

During fall reading week this year, some friends and I took a spontaneous day trip to Niagara Falls. Jennifer, I had met in person only a couple of times. Denisa, I had met for the first time 2 days before our trip. The weather was terrible - it was pouring rain and windy from dawn to dusk. We barely knew each other, and yet it was one of the best road trip experiences I’ve ever had. There was no one around in the town, and we talked about Twilight for half the time. After stopping at a thrift store in St. Catherine’s, we bought 3 CDs. Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway, Madonna’s Greatest Hits, and the soundtrack to Eclipse. We listened to all three albums on rotation on the drive home in the dark. The swell of Eclipse timed perfectly with the CN Tower appearing over the horizon as we drove back into the city. It was a perfect moment of right-time, right place

To Be Alone, Hozier

I've been to two Hozier shows in my life. The first was in the summer of 2015 at Pemberton Music Festival in BC, just after I graduated high school. The second was in the summer of 2019 at Edmonton's Folk Fest, just after I graduated from undergrad. In both instances, I was alone in the crowd. In 2015, I vividly remember the sun setting behind the mountains as he performed To Be Alone, and feeling like the future was bright. In 2019, the skies opened up and a thunder and lighting storm paused the show. The irony was not lost on me, as after finishing undergrad I felt lost as to what would come next. But before resuming his show after the storm, Hozier spoke about how magical the night was. The main stage at Folk Fest is at the base of a huge hill in the River Valley in Edmonton, and Hozier remarked that it was as if the earth and the sky were striving to meet. Both moments bookended a four-year period of change and struggle and growth and joy, and To Be Alone reminds me that the future may be uncertain, but there is always beauty in that uncertainty.

Madeline Pelley


Album cover of Fleetwood Mac, the tenth studio album by British American rock band Fleetwood Mac

Landslide, Fleetwood Mac

First heard this song as a Glee cover when Santana was trying to tell Brittany about her romantic feelings for her. Even though Glee did not age well at all, Santana was always my favourite character because it was the first time I saw a queer woman of colour who looked like me on mainstream media, and in some way I felt represented. As much as I love the Glee cover, Fleetwood Mac will obviously always do it better

Album cover of Lorde's "Melodrama"

Supercut, Lorde

A favourite song of mine reminding me of my 2 closest friends back home. A great song to jam to in the car!

Violet Yin


Album cover of Grimes' "Art Angels"
Album cover of Cocteau Twins' "Heaven or Las Vegas"

World Princess Part II, Grimes

This song has been there for my transformation, which inspires my daily life to be positive and alive. The production is also amazing to listen to, and Grimes is an amazing artist!

Sam Cass


Album cover of the Noisy Freaks' "Straight Life"
Album cover of Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor"

Outro (Bonne Nuit), The Noisy Freaks

This song always reminds me of summers growing up— it’s a song off a CD that my high school friend made me for my fifteenth birthday. I listened to the playlist the entire summer, and brought the sleeve with the handwritten track list with me when I moved to Toronto, tucked into my ninth grade yearbook.

Cherry-coloured Funk, Cocteau Twins

Discovering Cocteau Twins and dream pop is one of the greatest things in my life. Just their free-flowing energy and interesting sound reminds me a lot about good times that I spend with my friends. I love the whole album, a classic piece for sure!

Hung Up, Madonna

Are we all just going to sit here and pretend we didn’t scream the lyrics to this song out the window of the school bus as kids? If you didn’t…I don’t know what else to say but that you missed out!

Isabelle Rossi


Album cover of SZA's "Ctrl"
Album cover of Matt Maeson's "Bank On The Funeral"

20 Something, SZA

Hallucinogenics, Matt Maeson

You can never go wrong with SZA. A comfort song, might make you cry or have you singing at the top of your lungs. Depends on your vibe going into it.

I associate this song with my first year of University. My roommate introduced me to it and we would play it all the time in our dorm room. I don't know one person who does not like this song, so I hope you enjoy :)

Cynthia Zhou


Album cover of Smash Mouth's "Astro Lounge"

All Star, Smash Mouth

Great party song

Jonathan Matta


Album cover of Lalah Hathaway's self-titled album

Baby Don't Cry, Lalah Hathaway

The absolute best vibes nothing makes me happier than this girl's voice