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Introducing the 2020/2021 StyleCircle team! Our contributors work hard to bring you the content that you enjoy here throughout the StyleCircle platform. Learn more about these creative voices over on our team page where you can see our launch party outfits in the #StyleCircleFitChallenge along with our curated launch playlist. Find out more over on the official StyleCircle team page where you can explore their other works along with their linked social media profiles!







EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Steve Nguyen (he/him)

MANAGING EDITOR: Omar Taleb (he/him)

LEAD COPY EDITOR: Lannii Pettiford (they/them)

COPY EDITORS: Lesley DeBoer (she/her), Noah Holder (they/he), Safia Sheikh (she/her)

WRITERS: Christina Armanious (she/her), Petra Calder (she/her), Harrison Clarke (he/him), Erin Colquhoun (she/her), Jessi Hamilton (she/her), Danica Hooper (she/her), Norah Kim (she/her), Taite Krueger (she/her), Victoria Malawi (she/her), Delfina Steph Russo (she/her), Erica Weekes (she/her)



CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Samantha Cass (she/her)

ART DIRECTOR: Mia Yaguchi-Chow (she/her)

ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTORS: Nevi Gaetan (she/her), Isabella Papagiannis (she/her)

SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Brennan March (he/him)

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Jacqueline Borg (she/her), Audrey Chen (she/her), Arushi Chopra (she/her), Aisling Gogan (she/her), Jennifer Ji (she/her), Safa Kubti (she/her), Sarah Pasquini (she/her), Cindy Phung (she/her), Mia Portelance (she/her), Zoe Statiris (she/her), Natalie Welsh (she/her)

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Grace Hickey (she/her), Jonathan Matta (he/him), Hunter McNeil (she/her), John Monic Delante (he/him), Michaela Owusu (she/her), Qiuran Zhu (she/her)

DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS: Madeline Pelley (she/her)

FINANCE COORDINATOR: Cynthia Zhou (she/her)

MARKETING DIRECTOR: Nour Al Saied (she/her)

MARKETING COORDINATORS: Grace Hickey (she/her), David Robert (he/him), Julia Rodriguez (she/her)

SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR: Morgan Cheung (she/her)

DIRECTOR OF EVENTS: Danica Hooper (she/her)

EVENTS COORDINATORS: Harrison Clarke (he/him), Jillian Pollock (she/her), Isabelle Rossi (she/her), Cynthia Zhou (she/her)


Liam Brand, Margarita Brodie, Tamia Campbell, Emma Cheuk, Juliette DeJonge, Marla Ellis, Adam Hedman-Murray, Caroline Levin, Mah Moud, Austin Philip, Ana Sami, Katerina Zoumboulakis