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Clothing is sometimes said to be a second skin. Our relationship with how we dress and present ourselves is inherently personal. It goes beyond the merely representational forms of objects, and what we wear reflects the vivid complexities of the human experience. Fashion can be one of the most intimate forms of expression that cultivates the self, seen through the liminal spaces between the multifaceted experiences of life. The objects that we encounter or revisit become a rite of passage that communicates the transformation of identity intersecting in all areas of life. Dressing reflects the authenticity and subjectivity within material culture in relation to the bodies that contextualize personas, legacy, and importance. Ultimately, it is the individual that gives these objects its first breath. 


The Book 06 by StyleCircle explores these personal and collective documentations of sentimentality in relation to fashion, culture, and dress. By examining the ideas of reflection, redemption, reconciliation, reconnection, and reclamation, we unveil the cyclical nature of fashion and its ephemeral charm. The pages that follow feature an intimate glimpse into the moments and excerpts that share pivotal shifts; confronting intuitive reflections of our desires, ambitions, frustrations, hopes, and fears manifested through our clothing or other forms of personal adornment. In its essence, clothing makes up the collective scrapbook of our lived experiences, infusing these objects with character and significance. The act of dressing is an act of continuity in shaping ourselves from now until the end.

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The Book by StyleCircle No.06 cover photo

COVER IMAGE: From "Bloomer" by Jonathan Matta

"Reflection, Redemption, Reconciliation, Reconnection, Reclamation" text